Another person we spoke to tried entering "gibberish" into the form, and inConsumer credit reporting agency settles after exposing nearly 150 million(WCAX) The FBI launched an investigation after Equifax revealed hackers gained access to personal information belonging to 143 million AmericansThe number of affected Americans was later increased by another 2

With Lock & Alert, you can quicklyWondering if you were impacted by the Equifax data breach in 2017 that exposed Social Security numbers and other sensitive information of about half of Americans?TheEquifax will issue payouts to those affected by the company’s 2017 data breach who file a claim, but the amount of those payouts will be much, much less than $125

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4 Million More People Affected by Its 2017 Breach A higher Equifax tally, Apple vulnerabilities, and more of the week's topAs expected, the details of the investigation paint a far worse picture than Equifax had

The Equifax breach, response, and fallout

The lion’s share — $300 million — is earmarked for affected consumers who bought Equifax’s credit monitoring servicesWhile the breach was not the largest in history, it has been considered among the most damaging because of theThe FTC announced a settlement agreement with Equifax in July of 2019 for the breach

5 million to 147 millionEquifax is one of three major credit scoring companies in the U

Equifax summary: In short, Equifax was recently breached

5 million, and then increased again by another 1

If you’re claiming your $125 in settlement money from the 2017 Equifax data breach, don’t add that extra cash into your budget just yet—because you might not get the full

Enter your last name and the last six digits of your Social Security number to find out

The firm set up a website allowing individuals to check if their information was

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Kids Potentially Affected by Massive Equifax Data Breach Cyber-security experts are urging parents to check the credit reports of their children, following the massive

As part of the settlement, Equifax will pay $300 million for credit-monitoring services for consumers affected by the breach and to cover any out-of-pocket expensesEquifax said its systems were struck by a cybersecurity incident that may have affected about 143 million U

This was one of the largest ever breaches and affected millions of individuals with an

Equifax issued a statement on Tuesday saying 11,670 of the affected credit cards are Canadian, bringing the total number of Canadians impacted by the hack to aboutBut there are issues